The promised Neverland manga has been around for some time one of the most popular psychological thrillers of all timebefore they start to sink after completing the fifth story arc. Despite the criticism, however, Shirai and Demizu's work turned out to be pretty solid, unlike the anime's heavily criticized second season.

For some reason indeed The guys at CloverWorks decided to cut three storylines entirelyMoving broadly from chapters 51 to 118, removing some of the most popular scenes and characters from the original work. The huge cuts in the story caused great confusion among viewers of the anime, and since some very important elements for the plot have been removed, it seems obvious to be thinking of a totally original ending.

The ending of the manga is definitely the least successful part of the job as it has no effect and seems a bit too hasty and convenient. but can the anime really correct that? Let's break down the steps that should be taken to make Season 2 saveable.

First, the studio's biggest mistake was making a second season of just eleven episodes. Immediately after escaping Grace Field, it would have been necessary to adapt at least three sagas, that of the Promised Forest (partially adapted) and that of Goldy Pond's Search for Minerva (fully cut). Goldy Pond in particular is hands down the best story arc after escaping Grace Fieldand it would have been a great ending point for season 2.

The anime decided to go straight to the final arc instead, and at this point it's obvious that The best hypothesis would be to do a complete remakein the style of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherood. Without this first option, a conclusion within the Grace Field maze could also work, possibly with some kind of flashback that - in season 3 - at least leads to the adjustment of Goldy Pond and the clarification of Minerva's plan.

Assuming a final deal in season two, Your best bet would be to go for a bittersweet finish, a little more in line with Shinkai's mature storytelling and as far removed as possible from that of the manga, which lacked real stakes. One of the most popular theories during the serialization of the manga was that Emma and Mujika were the same person, with the protagonist who, at the request of a higher entity, sacrificed her humanity in order to save her companions. The manga had often suggested a possible connection between the two charactersand the anime could benefit from the idea by doing an ad hoc ending.

Despite everything, The Promised Neverland season two turned out to be a flop, and given the public criticism, it's really hard to imagine that it can be saved. However, the author stated that he personally worked on the finale. Before we can judge, we have to at least wait for the final episode to air.

What do you think about it? Can this second season still be saved? Let us know with a comment!

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