The exciting ending of The Promised Neverland in the chapter version took place a few months ago in Weekly Shonen Jump. There End of Emma's story The works prepared by Shirai and Posuka now seem a long way off in time, but have yet to end under the Tankobon format, which has been published for some time with a certain gap compared to the magazine chapters.

The Promised Neverland 20 will be the last in the series and will be released in Japan on October 2nd, 2020. A few weeks after its release, Shueisha decided to give readers a first look at the latest illustration by Demizu Posuka. Below, in the tweet published by the official manga account, we see all the guys we met in this long adventure on Weekly Shonen Jump.

Emma, ​​Norman and Ray who Main trio of The Promised Neverland, stands out in the middle, while all around are the other boys from the first orphanage, the warriors from Goldy Pond and the followers of Norman from the last phase of the manga. Behind them, a blue sky protruding over the Grace Field orphanage, now deserted.

The Promised Neverland story continues with a final dedicated chapter to be released next week Weekly shonen jump. The manga in Italy is published by J-POPwho recently published Volume 17.

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