The second season of The promised Neverland it has finally arrived, but it has taken an unexpected turn: the children who have just escaped from the orphanage have been helped in a sensational way by two demons belonging to a strange religious group. But are there really monsters with good intentions?

After they finally managed to escape from the orphanage, they had to wait to be eaten. The children are alone and lost in the forest. hunted as prey from the Guardian Demons of Grace Field House. Suddenly, however, the orphan group led by Emma and Ray is helped by two mysterious issues.

Sonju and Mujika are two demons that belong to one strange religious sect its mantra is not to eat people. For this reason, as they lead them to William Minerva's headquarters, the duo teach the children to get their own food or to hunt with a bow.

When the group breaks up, the reasons for this unexpected help are exposed. Sonju reveals that he hopes Emma and the others have been thriving for a day hopes to eat them. Indeed, the religion they profess does not prohibit eating "wild" people, only those raised on farms. So if we would see Sonju and Mujika again, this time they could be opponents in a fight for survival. The Promised Neverland anime changed everything and it seems that it will have an original story. Episode 2x03 of The Promised Neverland is on VVVVID, did the kids get there?

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