The ONE PIECE 948 trailer has a very strong new character

In the anime of ONE PIECE We still have to discover all the identities of the Nove Foderi Rossi. Some of them we got to know during the trip to Wanokuni - Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo - while others we discover as the saga of the island continues in the hands of Kaido and Orochi.

While we wait to discover all the powers of the new Luffy, who only scratched the surface with the upgrade of the armor's haki, the fight in the udon prison continues to go insane. After taking Big Mom away, the prison remained in chaos and Queen entrusted Babanuki with the task of bringing her back to peace.

Luffy is of course at the center of these ONE PIECE episodes and is the main chaos factor. However, the fight with the prisoners took an unexpected turn due to the bullets caused by the Kaido accident. However, an old acquaintance of the samurai and a new one for the spectators will also be on the field: Character who had been incarcerated for years and only ate poisonous fish.

The ONE PIECE 948 trailers finally shows us who this person is and how they enter in style: it's time for the big shots of the prison, get rid of the enemies and reveal all their extraordinary power.

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