Kohei Horikoshi is now fighting along My hero academia for almost eight years. With over 300 chapters published in Weekly Shonen Jump, it's one of the magazine's longest-running series and one of the most popular of the moment. As a result, many important moments were recorded for many important characters.

In the past few months, fan theories have materialized with the unveiling of Dabi, an important moment for the saga and for the development of some characters. With the release of Jump GIGA magazine, mainly devoted to My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi was involved in an interview where he revealed various things about the making of the manga.

One of them focuses precisely on Dabi's revelation and on one of the moments that the author loved to draw. Horikoshi mentions the moment when Dabi reveals his name to Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki, when he particularly enjoyed drawing Endeavor's expression that looks like a simple old manwhile trying to psychologically balance his duty as a hero and that of a father.

Horikoshi believes he did this part well, and also reveals that the The editors laughed when he saw this part. Always Dabi is at the heart of My Hero Academia 30, with both the official and the alternative cover.

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