After Deadpool’s 30th anniversary, Marvel Comics is preparing to celebrate the superhero group’s 30th anniversary X-force. On this occasion, the House of Ideas has created a festival volume, X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Specialwho have entrusted the cover to the artist Rob Liefeld, the creator of the team.

1991 Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza They decided to reunite Cable, Domino, Cannonball, Feral, Shatterstar, Wapath, and Boom-Boom to create Marvel’s most eccentric group of superheroes. A quirky and flamboyant association that over the years it would also have welcomed several characters who have become icons, like Deadpool, another Liefeld creation, and Major X, son of Cable and Tempesta.

In addition to a cover that unites all protagonists in both regular and variant versions, Liefeld signed six very special coverseach dedicated to a character that together form a single large illustration. “I worked with Marvel to come up with a fitting tribute to the X-Force legacy, and the 6 covers that show the characters in the spotlight are a great way to honor the team’s past, present, and future! This was Liefeld’s comment when the cover images found below were revealed.

The band in question will contain a completely original story in which Cable will try to reform the group of heroes Defeat Stryfe once and for all. Finally, we leave you with the Liefeld covers for 30 years of Deadpool.

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