Kaido is a man, or rather a creature, almost immortal. Neither method worked, and despite the many times he was executed, he never died. Even his suicide attempts by throwing himself from the islands of heaven did not lead to the death of the emperor of ONE PIECEand testifies that he has hard skin.

However, there was a moment when that skin was scratched and the mark remained even after many years. In fact, Kaido has a noticeable scar on the right side of the abdomen, the testimony that there is a being strong enough to kill him. The moment this scar was imprinted on him finally arrived in ONE PIECE, with episode 972 showing the clash between Oden and Kaido.

After suffering each of them, Oden and his group decide to face Kaido and Orochi and their followers in what was originally supposed to come as a surprise. But the emperor and his group intercept the legitimate shogun and the nine red scabbards and begin a confrontation. During the fight, Oden and Kaido face each other and it will be at that moment that the Samurai will scar the emperor's body.

Below is the tweet with the extract from the scene from ONE PIECE 972, with the high quality of the animations that characterize this phase.

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