A thread was posted on a popular Japanese commentary forum entitled "The premiere of this season, "EX-ARM", is still a topic of discussion and is impressively rated on a foreign review site.Where it was commented on the extremely low rating that the animated adaptation of EX-ARM came to the portal MyAnimeList.

It is worth noting that EX-ARM has the worst premiere rating this winter season 2021 (January-March), as the last six positions are arranged as follows:

  • Hortensia saga - 5.71 after 23,802 users.
  • WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE - 5.53 after 4,807 users.
  • Soukou Musume Senki ((LBX Girls) - 5.44 after 6,862 users.
  • Abciee Shuugyou Nikki ((ABCiee work diary) - 5.37 after 1,072 users.
  • Idols! - 4.75 after 2,052 users.
  • EX-ARM - 2.25 after 29,677 users.

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