The platform Crunchyroll announced that it will add the spin-off series Ninja Collection and Umayon to your premiere grill for this summer season.

The Serie Ninja Collection is a spin-off of the franchise Yami Shibai, whose premiere is scheduled for this month on Japanese television.

Production team

  • Akira Funada is in charge of directing the anime in the studios ILCA, In collaboration with AUNT and DRAWIZ.
  • Hiromu Kumamoto and Mitsushiro Sasaki return to write and supervise the series scripts in collaboration with Rei Tsuruga.
  • Akayoroshi took care of the original character sketches, with Tsubo Asano in charge of animation.
  • The rock band Cinderella Backdrop he performs the closing song entitled "Shinobi Ashi by Unzaunza wo Odoru".

Synopsis for Yami Shibai: Ninja Collection

This new series will retain the elements of urban legends and horror, but will focus on the group of Toukeshuu ninjas in Tokyo, the city where dreams and desires swirl. With ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation, the ninjas attempt to remove "the darkness" that envelops people in the current Reiwa era.

The Serie Umayon is a spin-off of the franchise Uma Musume Pretty Derby, which premiered on July 7 in Japan.

Production team

  • Siya Miyajima (BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Peak) is in charge of directing the series in the studios DMM.futureworks In collaboration with W-Toon Studio.
  • Miyajima is doing the storyboards in conjunction with the manga's author, Jin Itou, and is also serving as a character designer.
  • Tetsuya Uchida is in charge of the musical production under the sound direction of Yuuichi Morita.

Synopsis of Umayon

In a world very similar to ours, the great race horses of the past received the opportunity to be reborn as β€œuma musume”, girls with the ears and tail of a horse, but who also count on their speed and endurance. The best of these girls have the privilege of studying at Tracen Academy in Tokyo, hoping to gain fame and fortune by being both runners and idols.

Special Week is a high school student girl-horse who has just been transferred to Tracen, and is determined to fulfill her promise to her mother to become the best horse-girl in Japan.

Source: ANN

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