The Covid-19 pandemic, which exploded in 2020, has created significant inconvenience and a complete lifestyle change. This also forced the postponement of national and international events such as Tokyo Olympics 2020. These have been postponed to the summer of 2021 so that there are only a few months left for the event to begin.

However, given recent developments in the pandemic, Japan had to announce that foreigners will not be able to enter the Far Eastern archipelago. This also led to the formalization of a exclusive home audience for all Tokyo Olympics 2020. This will no doubt result in a lot of empty booths as you cannot rely on the international audience.

However, the organization's management has chosen a path that takes a particular aspect of Japanese society and uses it to fill the booths. We're talking about that Waifu pillow, often used by otaku and which are a fairly outlawed element. The pillows will therefore be part of the public to add color to the setting of sporting events, considering that they are certainly not high-risk pillows.

Did you know Akira predicted the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics?

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