If you were also surprised by the quality of The God of High School, Studio Mappa's new anime that aired on Crunchyroll, you'll be glad to know that the streaming site recently released one long video showing the background of the production, complete with interviews with the staff and the author Yongje Park.

""It is a dream come true, I have the feeling that I have achieved the most important goal of all time"said the creator of the series,"I personally am very happy with the end result and in particular with the way the employees managed the pace of the story". The anime producer joined the choir and said:"This work needed a studio that could handle animation and pace. It had to be map".

Perhaps the most surprising thing was the use of motion capture, Technique chosen by director Sunghoo Park to breathe life into the fighting. Instead of just imitating the webtoon style, the director chose it Hire combat experts treat the different styles shown in the work from Taekwondo to Taekkyon with dignity. At the beginning of the article you can watch the full video.

And what do you think about it? Do you like the series Let us know by leaving a comment in the field below! If you haven't already, we recommend you watch our first special about The God of High School.

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