The Giants Attack: The end won’t disappoint as Game of Thrones, the author’s word

The attack of the giants Today it is one of the most emblematic works of manga culture, with strong global success and millions of sales behind it. Sensei is also a big fan of numerous TV series, which use them to examine the success and shortcomings of a particular project.

The Sensei has been waiting for the debut of Chapter 131 of The Attack of the Giants, one of the newest editions of the manga, and has used it in the past few days to visit an exhibition of modern art in Tokyo that contains several original comics homonym . IsayamaIn order not to be recognized, he wore a hooded sweatshirt with a mask, but his plan was unsuccessful because fans still recognized him.

However, what followed was not a crowd of fans surrounding the brilliant author, but a pleasant one chat between the Sensei and the participants of the exhibition, mainly students, housewives and workers. The topics were among the most varied and for a while the famous TV series game of Thrones was at the center of the conversation. In particular, the author couldn't help but get involved in a specific comment, which reads as follows:

"I was a big fan of Game of Thrones, so I can also imagine the feelings of all those fans who were disappointed by the series finale. However, when I work, I try to express all my feelings and I am convinced as long as I can my fans can accept any conclusion I make. "

And you, what do you think about Isayama's words, is it encouraging to know? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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