The franchise of Dragon Ball Super He has already had the opportunity to show the public devoted to Akira Toriyama's masterpiece the new powers of Goku and Vegeta or the improvements that touch the sphere of the divine for the first time. An equally ambitious and risky decision has serious consequences.

Above all, to name just one example, the fate of the Super Saiyan, the mythical transformation that has now taken a back seat and has been banished to the series. But with the introduction of Ultra InstinctSuper Saiyan God is also becoming obsolete, which is no longer sufficient for every battle. There Saga from Molo It has clearly shown the limits of the new transformations, especially now that Vegeta and Goku are under the wizard's powers.

If the answer to the question about the title seems very trivial, then Toriyama and Toyotaro have proven that they use all means to create a power-up in the same way. "the how"begins to develop into a more than legitimate question. If the Saiyan prince could improve himself by learning new techniques and open up a new limit of possibilities, the situation is slightly different for Goku. The iconic protagonist indeed did with Merus reached its limits again to use Ultra InstinctStill, it was not in the slightest enough to emerge victorious from the battle with Molo. Of course, he still has the ability to master the clever use of technology with skill, perhaps as it was shown in the duel with Jiren, but the future prospects seem to suffer an abrupt setback from now on.

In no case could the two heroes defeat the enemy even after they crossed their borders Dragon Ball Super still has several powerful bad guys put on the field. However, the Sensei's chances of further improving the protagonists are beginning to decrease and the risk of creating huge narrative holes is becoming more and more consistent. And you, what do you think Toyotaro and Toriyama will invent for the future of the franchise? Let us know with a comment below.

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