The end of theAttack of the giants led to a series of discussions among fans of the story of Eren and his companions, and about a month after Chapter 139 was published, many of the criticisms of the legitimate authoring choices that surfaced in the Final Tables continued.

As we reported a few days ago, the author Hajime Isayama has decided to respond to some of the criticisms received during an interview with Kodansha himself, a publisher that publishes Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, the magazine that has published the work for over eleven years. Isayama tried to explain the difficulty of presenting particularly complex topics on so few pagesand first thought about the confrontation between Eren and Armin, in which the protagonist's historical friend seems to have forgiven him for every terrible act.

However, the mangaka said he was very sorry to the disappointment of many readers, surprised by the incompleteness of the war and the disruption of some relationships that have been considered fundamental throughout history. It should be emphasized, however, that such a story would hardly have had a happy ending for characters like Mikasa and Erenwho died as a result of the brutality she killed, killed and was destined to live forever with the burden of having lost the person she loved.

After reading the fans' reactions, including Eren and Mikasa’s relationship, Isayama made a promise Add Pages to Volume 34who can perhaps deepen some unresolved issues. Recall that Isayama released a piece of art to celebrate the finale, and we'll leave you to Melissa Lissova's loyal cosplay dedicated to Mikasa.

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