The light novel sector in Japan continues to thrive, with many titles gaining more visibility and therefore an opportunity to be adapted into anime. And that is exactly what happened to a series known in Japan as i The Pharmacist's Diariesalready known for its manga adaptation.

Known in Japan as Kusuriya no Hitorigoto, translated internationally as The Apothecary's Diaries, The Diaries of the Apothecary follows the story of Maomao, a girl, daughter of an apothecary, who grew up in a small provincial town of the Chinese Empire. However, she never thought of being kidnapped and sold right at the Imperial Palace, where due to her skills, which caught the eye of the surgeon Jinshi, she has to identify the poisons that could be in the food intended for the Emperor's favorite wife.

The animated adaptation of The Spice Diaries was announced a few months ago, back in August, but now it's time to see the story in action thanks to the efforts of the OLM studio. The Trailer for The Diaries of the Apothecary, available above, depicts Maomao's first steps in Imperial China's vast palace, where he must juggle poison and intrigue. However, below is the one available Keyframe from The Diaries of the Apothecary featuring Maomao seen from behind walking towards the huge building.

Norihiro Naganuma is the director selected for this work by Studio OLM and Toho Animation, with the director also overseeing the script. The design was instead entrusted to Yukiko Nakatani. The Diaries of the Speziale will be released in 2023.

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