Many years have passed since the second part The crusher, New Waves, ended on a big and sensational twist. Since then, however, the authors have taken a break to devote themselves to something else and have not reported on their great work for a long time.

But things started to move last year when the title writer, Jeon Geuk-jinconfirmed that he had resumed work on the storyline of The Breaker Part 3. This way the author could continue working while waiting for the manhwa designer. Park Jin-Hwancompleted his latest project.

Jobs the Master actually completed over the summer, when he also announced he had resumed work on The Breaker. Since then, in reality, no other information has leaked out, until in the last few hours, through a photo published by the designer himself, the release date of the first chapter of the new saga has become known. Well then, The Breaker Part 3 officially launches on May 6th.

The series will continue to be serialized as usual Naver web toon. In any case, we only have to wait a few days to see the protagonists in action. And you, on the other hand, are surprised by the announcement? Let us know with a comment below.

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