The world of Minecraft is known for allowing players to realize the most unthinkable ideas. A user has a passion for video game and for the work of Hiroiko Araki, le Bizarre adventures from JoJoand ventures into a remarkable crossover.

User TheMortal19 shared its brilliant reconstruction with the reddit board from the face of Giovanna Day, the protagonist of Vento Aureo. He managed to transfer the character into the world of Minectraft with an incredible level of detail and fidelity.

His contribution was stormed by JoJo fans who flocked to congratulate the authors. since the user stated in the title of the post that he had carried out the project - for 12 hours - in collaboration with a friend of his.

Rumors of a possible announcement have spread in recent weeksby David's production of season six of JoJo. So far, however, no official statement has confirmed these rumors that wanted communication in early summer.

This long silence is largely justified by the difficult situation of COVID-19. We know for sure that season six will take place - the dubbing actors have also spoken about it - the most important thing is that the quality of customization, which was previously a brand of the series, is maintained. Therefore, waiting a little longer than expected is not a problem.

What are the most bizarre yo-yo stands? A voice actor from JoJos Bizarre Adventures reveals clues to the coming season.

[Fanart] I and my friends spent 12 hours doing this in Minecraft, and vol. 2 comes next from r / StardustCrusaders

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