Today, July 28th, the birthday of one of the first villains of the second part is celebrated Dragon Ball, dear old nappa. The official website of the work was a tribute to the Saiyan by publishing the main works of art that see him as the protagonist and portrayed in the great style of Akira Toriyama.

As you can see below None of the tables are brand new, the same ones are also present in the Dragon Ball Manga. In addition to appearing in the original work and in the animated adaptation during the Saiyan saga Nappa has appeared in both Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

In the first case, his presence was much more important: We especially remember him for the rematch against teammate Vegeta, who cheated on him. After Nappa with the help of Dr. Gelo and Dr. When Mieu has risen, he actually travels to Earth and meets the Prince of Saiyans almost immediately.

After Vegeta jokes a little, he eliminates it with a single blow. Emphasize the infinite gap in power that separates them now. Dragon Ball Super appeared in the anime in the form of an illusion created by Baba.

Son Goku and Crillin had to go to a mysterious island on Master Roshi’s orders to collect a useful plant. Here the two warriors face their fearsand that of Crillin is obviously represented by Nappa, who sent him to the other world at their first meeting.

Let’s not forget the feature films Nappa is represented in both Dragon Ball Z: The devilish warrior of the underworld and Dragon Ball Z: The origins of the myth.

Rick and Morty’s latest short film winked at Dragon Ball and Akira. From Dragon Ball to Pokémon: Here’s the new Funko Pop that was announced at Comic-Con.

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