We had different expectations on The Attack of the Giants 130, a chapter coming out on Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in July. You feel more and more the approach of the end, let's see what he presented Hajime Isayama to its readers this month.

The mangaka had left us with the escape of Armin and the alliance between Eldia and Marley while Keith Shadis and Theo Magath blew themselves up to avoid pursuers. But it was a long time since Eren Jaeger, the undisputed protagonist, had not appeared in The Attack of the Giants, who had been put aside in a certain sense since the transformation into the Original Giant.

After a short interlude dedicated to the boys, where Annie learns about the destruction of Liberius and the loss of his only reason to fight, Isayama throws us into Eren's mind and more specifically in its past. With a flashback he tells us about his encounters with Floch, Yelena and Historia, the latter another character who had not appeared for some time.

At first Eren accepts the plan of euthanasia with Yelena while Floch listens to everything. But to Floch and Historia, Eren reveals his true plan: that of the destruction of every enemy of Eldia, the only way to stop the generational hatred against Ymir's descendants. There is no other way, even if Historia disagrees while Floch seems to be.

A flashback jolt also takes us to Liberius when Eren and Zeke were still discussing their plan, and they stop to talk about the Ackerman. Zeke reveals that according to him that of Mikasa for Eren is love and nothing else, but the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants stops him saying that so much he would have died from there in four years and only wants to make his friends survive.

Let's go back to the present where the world alliance against Eldia has deployed an infinite number of ships. The colossal giants are swimming in the ocean and that is the only hope for the world to stop them. But the efforts have no effect and the beings arrive on the mainland together with Eren, showing himself definitively in his horrifying and demonic form. Eren launches his deadly attack on the world. The attack of the Giants will return to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine next month.

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