The question related to Act age was designed to gain international reach, this has been evident since the announcement of the manga's cancellation on the Weekly Shonen Jump website. In fact, the work had been approved in numerous countries, which have also begun to take the same emergency measures.

As Act Age enters the paradox at home and has seen an exponential increase in sales after the scandal that caught the author red-handed, the first moves on the international scene have also begun to take hold. One of the first countries to announce the stop of the manga being published is Italy under the publisher J-POP that a press release has been posted on his social channels in the last few hours, the same attachment at the bottom of the news that reads as follows:

"Hello everyone, we too have been surprised and bitter in the last few days by the news from Japan about Act-Age, a series that was also very well received in Italy. At the moment we have decided not to distribute volume 4, although already in order to stop the sales of the volumes of the series. We will inform you about a little more in the next few days, for the moment we ask for your trust and patience. "

The publisher leaves no doubt: Act Age, until further notice, His run in Italy ends with Volume 3 despite the fact that the company had already started printing the next issue. A drastic decision matured after an event that has few precedents in history and which unfortunately marked the end of one of the most promising works in the Shonen Panorama. On the other hand, do you agree with J-POP's decision? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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