Asta found himself on the other side of the world, in a place where he was fortunate to find allies. At this moment Black Clover delves into the saga of the Land of the Sunthe home of Yami and where the protagonist could count on the strength of the Shogun Ryuya and the mighty seven Ryuzen.

However, there are many mysteries surrounding this land that affect the characters. One of them is revealed in the Black Clover 347 spoiler now also available with pictures. The chapter is titled "Truth in Deception" and begins with Ichika thinking that the way things are going, they don't even need Asta's power. However, Sister Lily begins to unleash a gigantic attack with the other Paladins, creating an amalgamation of ice and space magic.

Ichika says Paladins have an exceptional amount of Yoryoku while the A paladin who knows how to wield beast magic will unleash a series of illusory spells, each of them will target the five Ryuzen. Kezokaku sees a giant toad and gets scared, and in the resulting ice forest, Ichika sees his father instead.

The girl is shocked by her memories and learns the truth about the annihilation of the Yami clan. Up until now, Ichika had blamed her brother for everything that had happened, but in this chapter it is revealed that her father gave her a secret medicine, passed down from generation to generation, that could awaken her demonic potential. And so it was she who killed the clannot Brother Sukehiro Yami.

Daizaemon says they can't lose yet, but he barely stands. Lily says it's okay as Lucius has a plan for her too and is about to unleash another attack. Ichika thinks he should get stronger, but he really is just weak. When the attack comes Asta defends her with his swordCompleting the chapter of Black Clover.

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