That the internal situation at Studio MAPPA for the production of The attack of the giants 4 The best was already evident from the words of one animator, who continued at this pace and announced a total disaster for the anime. However, the problem seems even bigger than it seems. Here's why.

The quality of the attack by the Giants 4 is expected to decline, at least this seemed to come from the words of an animator who recently commented on the current work situation of MAP study, full to the neck of the projects in the pipeline. However, it seems that the company's problems are even greater. By Hatelabo, a kind of anonymity diary, an anime production assistant who resisted some of the animators.

In particular, the production assistant condemned - without naming - all those animators who have made certain cuts on Twitter in their own cuts have been completely modified by the episode director and the animation director. To help you understand the matter better, the assistant explained that the cuts supplied to the MAPPA studio have been completely modified and little or nothing remains of the original scene.

To put it even more simply, some animators have recognized the animation directors. In this area there are both not very talented animators and others who are purely for profit. The latter are the most dangerous since then They also accept 8 jobs at the same time and to complete the 200 cuts required at the end of the month, they provide embarrassing and ridiculous cuts for the studies.

However, MAPPA Studio does not currently have the luxury of carefully selecting its Key Animators as it is constantly looking for freelancers due to deadlines and so many projects to work on. This hurts production even more as animation directors multiply and become overloaded with work that has obvious consequences that affect the bottom line.

As for you, what do you think of this situation instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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