We are all waiting for The Attack of the Giants season 4, expected at least for the official sources in October 2020. Despite some rumors that have been circulating on the net in the last days, for now, in fact, no postponement of The Attack of the Giants has been revealed 4 to 2021. But there could be something else to boil in the pot.

Waiting to find out if the WIT studio will still deal with The Attack of the Giants 4 and to receive confirmations on the official broadcast, the Attack on Titan Wiki page has found a strange image on the official website. Among the banners on the Shingeki.tv official site there is a file called Shingeki_Movie_Chronicle that you can see in very low resolution in the tweet below.

Beyond the logo, this Attack on Titan Chronicle puts Eren in the foreground and judging by the name string he seems to have been prepared for a movie. The Attack of the Giants has already enjoyed some feature films but they were all summarized and without original content, to help fans remember the events of the first season.

So there could be so much more scheduled for The Attack of the Giants beyond the final season, maybe a film focused on the contents of the timeskip years. What do you expect from this anime project?

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