In this final installment of the Granolah saga, the Survivor, Goku, and Vegeta have pushed their limits to face an almighty foe. With a renewed awareness of their martial origins, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 close to victory. However, Gas is scolded again by his older brother.

Vegeta's strength is not enough in Dragon Ball Super 85. Though the prince fought with a courage bordering on madness, Gas emerged victorious from their battle. However, Vegeta's words prompted Goku to do so Consider Ultra Instinct.

Giving up the silver-haired angelic status that required utmost calm, Goku enters incomplete version of Ultra Instinct. With this form, which seemed to be obsolete and never used again, Kakarot is able to fight by exploiting his Saiyan Rage.

Eventually, Goku manages to match Gas and eventually even surpasses him. With several well-aimed shots that The strongest warrior in the universe falls to the mat. However, as in the past, readers will witness a new intervention by Elec. Is Gas the victim of Dragon Ball Super 85?

The Heeter Elder appears on the battlefield and grabs Gas by the throat, asking him why he made him the strongest. Eliminating the Saiyans is only the first step of the mission whose goal is to kill Frieza. For Elec, that The pathetic spectacle must end immediatelyeven at the expense of gas itself.

When Goku tells Elec not to force his brother to fight, the leader of the Heeters says so for gas there will be no second time. Finally gas is converted again.

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