The direct attack on Marley's nation and its leaders was the focus of the final episode of the fourth season of theAttack of the giants, characterized by a series of impressive sequences and clashes, impeccably crafted by the MAPPA studio, in which fans witnessed a highly anticipated rematch.

In fact, from the second part of the third season, many fans of Isayama's work were waiting a confrontation between Captain Levi and the giant beast, alias Zeke Jaeger. In the chaos caused by Eren's attack, first with the giant hammer and later with the giant jaw, Marley is utterly threatened by the devils of Paradise.

The Scout Army's strategic capacity appears to have improved over time, giving Marley's nation the coup de grace the immense explosion caused by Armin's transformation into the new colossal giant, able to destroy the enemy fleet with a single blow. Soon after we see the giant beast collapse in front of the giant chariot hit by a single, sharp blow from experienced Captain Levi, a scene that thrilled the fans, as you can see from the numerous posts below.

Many underlined the incredible portrayal of the entire episode full of significant events, while others preferred to joke about the brutal scene of Levi's revenge. Recall that the giant hammer was honored with a fun cosplay, and we'll leave our recap on episode seven.

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