Hajime Isayama made it happen The attack of the giants with the number 139, published April 9 in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The mangaka completed its masterpiece, which he worked on for 11 years and 7 months, but there was still something to discuss that he added in the additional pages of The Attack of the Giants, Volume 34.

The additional side leaks confirmed that Isayama wanted it dedicate more space to Mikasa Ackerman, Character, with which chapter 139 of The Attack of the Giants ended. The first two pages of the last post focus on the future life of Mikasa: the girl will be able to go on and continue her life without forgetting Eren.

She is going to marry a man who appears to be Jean from behind, and with whom he will live a long and happy life. However, he and his children will go to Eren's grave several times over the years. Around them, the city of Shiganshina will change, evolving from wooden and stone houses to more modern buildings. The decades go by and Mikasa is getting old, but will also go to the grave in a wheelchair and with a stick, supported by children and grandchildren. Eventually she will die and be buried while the city around the tree will change again.

There Mikasa Ackerman's story ends like thisThis adds even more depth to the character after the events of The Attack of the Giants 139.

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