Demon Hunter is a story full of funny and moving situations, confronting even delicate subjects, often linked to the growth of the characters that make up the group of protagonists besides Tanjiro, and in honor of Zenitsu Agatsuma, an artist recreated one of its most intense Clashes make a wonderful flip book.

Many eccentric and flamboyant characters in the series were able to capture and entertain many readers and / or viewers of the anime's first season, including undoubtedly Zenitsu, a talented but shy and insecure boyuntil his other much more determined and possibly even ruthless personality takes over. Because of this, a fan wanted to pay homage to him with the great flip book that you see in the post at the bottom of the page that was reported on Twitter by @YourAnimeGuy and which also has the link to the original video.

The moment the artist wanted to recreate was the clash between Zenitsu and the older brother of the Spider Demon familyThe demon slayer, who was initially sad about his poisoning, shows all his fighting skills and his Mastery of lightning breathing techniqueand managed to get my way and then be back to the nice and clumsy guy we met throughout the series.

Recall that, according to some rumors, there will be a live-action film in the pipeline dedicated to Demon Slayer and we leave you to the interesting analysis that has been conducted in the US regarding the unstoppable growth of anime over the past year.

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