The final phase of the terrifying story written by Hajime Isayama also took shape in an animated version thanks to Studio MAPPA, which proposed the first episode of the finale on Crunchyroll. Attack on Titan 4 is about to end and with it the entire series. Of course, the reconnaissance army is once again the focus here.

The Reconnaissance Army, also known as the Scouting Corps, is one of three military divisions appearing in the Attack on Titan series. It is made up of highly trained soldiers, chosen for their physical and mental abilities, who are responsible for exploring the world beyond the walls that protect humanity from the giant creatures that threaten its survival. Originally the commander was Keith Shadis, later followed by the famous Erwin Smith who did it then passed the hand to Hangi Zoe.

But she wasn't the last to lead the division. In fact, in the most recently released episode, Hange decides to take on the defense of the hangar and sacrifices himself to slow down the wave of colossal giants that are arriving. But first he decided to do it Promotion of Armin Arlert to the new commander of the reconnaissance army. This marks Hange's final moment in the series, but also Armin's highest moment, who has to make some tough decisions, including whether to kill his best friend, or whether to try the dialogue route, or whether to let it happen He does and lets him wreak havoc throughout the Attack on Titan world.

It will be the finale, arriving at the end of the year, to determine which of these three routes will be traveled by Armin and the rest of the anime's final reconnaissance army.

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