We are in the final stages of The Attack of the Giants. Hajime Isayama's manga could end at any moment, saving life or death for its protagonists. The final date is now approaching, but the first step will be to see what lies ahead The Giants Attack 135.

What will happen in the next Hajime Isayama story? Find out We have to wait until December 9thwhen the next issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine is published. But in the meantime, we can begin to sum up the situation and understand how it will go on: On the one hand, we have Eren Jaeger, who controls the original giant and has no intention of stopping while Zeke is trapped in his body and useful to maintain contact with Ymir; On the other hand is Armin with his group who want to stop his friend from destroying the whole world.

Miss the presence of Annie, along with Falco and Gabi will certainly arrive with a great career in chapter 135 of The Attack of the Giantsand use the little boy's new strength. But how will the battle on the main field develop? Eren doesn't seem ready to give in and won't have any qualms about attacking his friends. The first to die could be Onyankopon, still stuck on the plane and likely unable to land without crashing.

While Levi and the others try to destroy the giant animal, Armin could try again to enter into a dialogue with Eren. If you don't, there will be a point where you will will transform into Colossal Giant, maybe to hit his friend's scratch in a way that provokes a reaction. But there will undoubtedly be Lots of action in Attack of the Giants 135 and in two weeks we'll know what's going to happen.

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