Underneath the anime launched in January 2023, there were many unknown projects that may have become a bit more familiar to most with the first episodes, but also highly anticipated products. Given the popularity of the video game and what Crunchyroll had bet on it, was one of those anticipated titles the Nier Automata anime.

Yoko Taro and Platinum Games' masterpiece has been translated into anime format, with the early episodes of Nier Automata convincing halfway through. However, there was no way to go too far and understand if the anime was a valid long-term project because of Covid-19. The virus has actually infected part of the anime's production studio and this has forced a long shutdown. Nier Automata was suspended until further notice in January, with the third installment remaining its last until now. However, after several days with no news, there is important news.

This was announced by the production Return of the Nier Automata anime. In fact, work with 2B and 9S at work will return shortly, since all the official production channels have not failed to communicate, starting with Twitter, which includes the press release available below. Nier Automata Episode 4 will return on February 18, 2023, then in a week. This coincides with the final restoration of the anime, which barring other unforeseen issues, will air to completion, albeit delayed compared to the original schedule.

What do you expect from the next episodes of Nier Automata? Are you satisfied with the revival of the anime?

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