Although this transformation will most likely never debut in the course of the major work, Vegeta is about to surpass Super Saiyan Blue Evolution in the new story arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. But what is the new form of the Saiyan prince and what will cause him to push his limits?

In the commercial anime’s space-time war saga, the evil Fu managed to give birth to a dark one Mirror reality of the universe 7, a parallel universe in which all the strongest fighters are gathered.

In this new arc, Vegeta is suddenly on the planet Vegeta, surrounded by two other Saiyajins, Turles and Cumber. Overwhelmed by the space pirate’s evil aura, the prince is almost on the verge of madness, but thanks to his Saiyan pride, he manages to transform the evil energy. His Super Saiyan Blue Evolution takes advantage of the negativity transmitted by Turles and is with one Halo of darkness and will be further strengthened.

In the meantime, Cumber also tries to use his evil aura for this “infect” Gokuwho, however, unlike Vegeta, cannot contain such negativity and goes completely mad and finally attacks the prince of the Saiyans. The pride of the epitome of the warrior race once enabled Vegeta to prevail against his rival.

The new key visual of Super Dragon Ball Heroes shows the transformation of Vegeta. But in the next episode, an old antagonist will debut in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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