The clashes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes continue. Let's watch episode 31 together, the first to be made available in 2021.

The arcade video game Dragon Ball Heroes, available only in Japan, enabled events such as the birth and encounter of characters that could never have happened in the original series. Special Vegetto has the opportunity to get to know its own alternative version come from another dimension. While the former has the ability to achieve the divine form of Super Saiyan Blue, the latter can become Super Saiyan 4 Limit breaker.

The new episode posted on the cover of this news mark marks the beginning of the end of the currently ongoing narrative arc and makes its appearance a long-awaited character, namely Broly. As you can see in the video, is the legendary Saiyan engages the two merged warriors in battle he manages to find them and prove that he knows how to master the limit breaker form.

While the next part of the story is Waiting for FebruaryI'll be reporting on news that explains where it is possible to watch the episodes of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. What do you think of this episode? Let us know with a comment.

I also remember Yamcha getting noticed in a Super Dragon Ball Heroes special.

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