MAP, the studio responsible for producing The Attack of the Giants 4, recently suffered a hacking attack on their social media profiles from Twitter to TikTok. In fact, they have started to circulate in the past few hours false reports that speak of a possible suspension of production, Crisis, payment difficulties and much more.

Below you can see some of the comments that were displayed on the TikTok profile, with over 10,000 followers and tens of thousands of upvotes and comments. As you can see, the study states: "The production of Attack of the Giants 4 will be stopped after the end of the first part and will be moved to another animation studio" is this "The future of the anime has yet to be discussed". These are, of course, false comments, extrapolated and later shared on social networks without context.

So in the last few hours there has been a lot of confusion online, then fed by the appearance of a Twitter profile called "MappaStudios". A few moments ago, the profile in question shared a second fake press release complaining about payment issues, impossible deadlines, production difficulties, etc. The real MAPPA twitter profile called "MAPPA_Info" did not comment on what happened, but there are many reports and action is likely to be taken in the next few hours.

We remind you that MAP really did comment on the review a few days ago which is why many users thought it was another release from the production team. We are waiting for the next developments and let you preview episode 7 of The Attack of the Giants 4.

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