The new saga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is ready to step on the accelerator. In fact, during the course of the next episode, Vegeta will be embroiled in an epic battle in which he must defend his pride and honor of the warrior race par excellence.

While Goku and Hearts battled Golden Freeza and Golden Cooler and suffered from Broly’s anger, Vegeta found himself alone and confused on a planet he thought he would never see again in his life. However, the prince has kept company, they are present on the planet Vegeta two other Saiyans, Turles and Cumber.

In the third installment of this explosive story arc, titled "Saiyan Race Pride! Vegeta's Awakening!" Does the prince have to defend himself against the onslaught of the two antagonists. Vegeta is in a situation of numerical inequality and needs to do so fall back on all of his pride don't give in and solve the fight in his favor.

But the two opponents are surrounded by the energy of the evil Saiyajins, an aura that he tries to take away Also owned by Vegeta himself. To get rid of it, the Saiyan prince is ready for a new transformation in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

As this saga progresses, Super Dragon Ball Heroes could lead us to discover the origins of the Super Saiyan god. Therefore.

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