Wano’s storyline revolved around removing the tyranny imposed by Emperor Kaido and the Shogun Orochi. A domain that also thanks to the intervention of the emperor’s men, d Pirates of the Hundred Beastssome of whom proved to be the fiercest and toughest foes the Mugiwara faced in ONE PIECE.

From Kaido himself to the Six Flying Companions and beyond King and queen, the pirates of the Hundred Beasts have made life difficult for some of the Mugiwara, most notably the Monster Trio, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. But before they became the burly and dangerous fighters they are today, even members of such a crew were happy, innocent, and carefree children. And that’s what the Sensei is for Eiichiro Oda dedicated some beautiful drawings.

Inserted as an extra in Volume 103 of the manga, the sketches that you can see in @shoneleaks’ post below show what some of the most famous members of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts looked like when they were nine years old. By King, pictured above left, a Black Maria, Sasaki, Page One and Ulti, there are many protagonists of this unexpected tribute. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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