While the community of enthusiasts awaits news about the Dragon Ball Super web anime, which according to leaks should arrive by the end of 2023, TOEI Animation is about to continue the adventure of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission.

The talked a lot The web anime Dragon Ball Super will apparently follow in the footsteps of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, an animated series divided into short episodes and released on special channels. Pending news from this point of view, the Ultra God Mission continues.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission is the new narrative arc of the non-canon anime series inspired by the arcade of the same name, which leads the Z Warriors and the Time Patrol Warriors to face first the threat of the former Colonel Kaioshin of time and then that of Demigra .

L'eighth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission will be released on April 13, while chapter 14 of the manga will debut this Sunday. The part titled “A Union That Transcends Spacetime! The fist of justice crushing evil!” will lead to great confrontations.

According to the summary published online, the Demon king Demigra will show all his power, while on the other battlefields the battles between the fighters of justice and those who received the power of the dark demon as a gift will continue. Will the warriors who transcend time and space be able to defeat Demigra and her army? We leave you the key image for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission Episode 7.

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