The adaptation of the saga by Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang mission continues undisturbed under the control of TOEI Animation, which recently showed the new form of Super Saiyan 4. In the paper counterpart, however, the manga has just completed the last saga and introduced the one who appears to be the franchise’s new villain.

While talking about the anime’s decision to decanonize Janemba, the comic book of the same name has ended the recent struggle that was shown in the last episode of the television series, if it’s not a mistake by the company. However, the conclusion of the chapter used it to show another twist, it seems a new character.

As you can see from the last table Chapter 3 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission At the end of the news is a man who wants to watch a mysterious subject marked by a halo. When the guy seems to be from behind DemigraThe secondary antagonist, who is behind bars, is a real mystery. Online fans have tried to speculate about the identity of the unknown character. What about the features of a new unpublished villain for the franchise? We don’t have to figure out until October 1st when the anime will present the character.

And on the other hand, what do you think of the mysterious man with the halo? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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