The non-canonical series Super Dragon Ball Heroes Thrusted into territory the main series never explored, resulting in epic battles and impossible transformations. The next fight is gigantic: Goku Black Super Saiyan Rosé 3 challenges Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue!

The latest narrative arc of the promotional anime inspired by the video game of the same name has brought to life some of the work's most beloved and iconic characters, such as Cell, Doctor Wheelo and Goku Black. The latter in particular is stronger than ever again. With a mysterious Mask on face, has shown that he can fight on par with Goku Ultra Instinct.

In an attempt to eliminate the mortal lineage, Goku Black has the "Goku Elimination Plan", a plan that kills all alternate versions of the Saiyan. But with Kakarot finally mastering Ultra Instinct and Vegeta controlling the berserk aura, this task won't be easy.

However, in order to compete with Goku Black Super Saiyan Rosé 3, Son Goku and Vegeta have to resort to fusion dancing and breathe life into the perfect warrior named Gogeta. As the key visual of the next mission of the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes proves, it will be these two very powerful fighters who will compete against each other. According to Twitter user @DBSCronicles, the Big Bang Mission 10 will arrive on September 16, a time when the anime is likely to stage this epic battle as well.

Here's Blue versus Rosé in the preview of the next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Krillin and Goku, a trust that is also cemented in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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