The Egghead saga comes to a close with a series of intense battles, and in Chapter 1070 of ONE PIECE, one of the most drastic decisions made during the Reverie was justified. The dissolution of the Fleet of Seven shocked the New World, but why did the world government bereft of strong allies?

Subverting the balance of power in such a direct manner was a major and unexpected novelty, bringing seven extremely skilled characters back into the realm of the world's most powerful pirates to finally forge alliances. Since the inception of the Cross Guild in the hands of Buggy, Mihawk and CrocodileRight down to Boa Hancock's actions against Blackbeard, former members of the Fleet Seven play a central role even before the end of the story.

In reality, the seven have been replaced by the Seraphim, new creations by Dr. Vegapunk used by the Navy to deal with major threats. Indeed, the brilliant scientist was able to do this Reproduce the powers of the Paramisha-type devil fruit and use an artificial blood to fuel the power of Seraphim Weapons. Let us know what you think of this big reveal about the dissolution of the Fleet of Seven in the comments.

Finally we remind you that Ace and Luffy are back together in the Ryu Studio character and we leave you the hypotheses related to Chapter 1071 of ONE PIECE arriving on MangaPlus on January 6, 2023.

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