Continue publishing Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the spin-off anime from the Akira Toriyama series based on the arcade video game. Let's watch the new episode together and discover the brand's latest announcements.

The ninth episode of the narrative arc Big Bang Misson is finally available. The episode titled "The Return of Evil, the Birth of the Dark King Fu!" is visible on the cover of this message with English subtitles and presents a continuation of the Clash between Vegetto Super Saiyan Blu and Fu. However, the enemy has increased their power so it is up to Xeno Vegetto in his Super Saiyan 4 form to intervene. At the end of the episode, we can also see Broly who appears to be getting a new transformation in Super Dragon Ball Heroes soon.

The last episode was presented during the Jump Festa 2021, at the end of which it was also announced that the anime would continue beyond the events of the current saga and that numerous battles still await the protagonists. It seems that the multiverse narrated on the series will continue to expand from the start March 2021, the month the new story is made available. In the meantime, fans can keep enjoying the episodes of Big Bang Mission, in which it will soon be possible to witness an alliance between the two Vegetto to defeat the new dark form of Fu.

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