As you can see from the large number of cosplays devoted to Naruto’s pain, the ninja is one of the most recognizable characters in the series by Masashi Kishimoto, also due to a famous meme that sees him as the protagonist. A fan then chose this scene for his tattoo.

At the bottom of the news you can find the photo shared on Instagram by the @ animetattooers account, who wanted to show all of his followers the American artist’s tattoo Stormy brewer. As you can see, one Naruto fan wanted to recreate the famous pain-focused meme on his leg. For those unfamiliar with this, this is a picture taken from episode 167 of Naruto Shippuden entitled “Planet devastation“and focused on Confrontation between Naruto and Pain. The low level of animation sparked discussion among fans, which immediately led to the birth of parodies and videos in which many wanted to recreate this famous scene. The post shared on Instagram was quite successful as several users in the comments quoted the phrase that aired during the episode and that is uttered by the ninja in the scene from which the tattoo is taken.

Finally, we recommend this WWE Star Naruto Cosplay Zeline Vega.

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