For several months, Yoshihiro Togashi has been back to work Hunter X Hunter after his longest-ever hiatus, which kept him away from Weekly Shonen Jump for over three years. Additionally, his jewel should return soon with a new installment of chapters and the much-anticipated unreleased volume.

Although he only recently returned to pick up the pencil, Togashi's health hasn't improved enough to force him to work in various positions. Although Hunter x Hunter is expected to resume shortly, back pain could lead to another break after the next two volumes the author is working on.

In any case, all updates should be provided directly by the Sensei as he is back on social media with daily posts. The latter clarifies the current situation of the works in this respect: "I've finished advising my assistants on some corrections to be made for the new volume. I design additions and make other changes."

From the words of Yoshihiro Togashi, so the entire new volume seems very close to completion. Then finally shueisha It should contain a date for the use of the tank subscription and the resumption of serialization. And you're looking forward to the return of Hunter x Hunter instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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