Super Dragon Ball Heroes Proven to be more than just a commercial anime. Although the episodes only last a few minutes, they have featured notable characters who deserve to make their debut on the main series.

The only real limitation of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is its non-canonicality. While the commercial series is based on the characters from the Toriyama franchise, it is not considered official. However, the anime introduced epic transformations, historical characters, and new antagonists. The latter, while not as iconic as Freezer or Cell, are made in an excellent way Deserve canonization.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' first major opponent is Cumber, the unstoppable Saiyan. Banished to the prison planet Cumber is driven by violent impulses and cruel; a steroid version of Broly. The Saiyan's only goal is to brutally fight and defeat his opponents.

One of the main opponents of Dragon Ball GT is the mutated alien baby. Kamin and Oren took inspiration from him and made their debut in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, two tsufuls who could resist Hit and take over Vegeta. But the two pose an even greater threat from the merger. Kamioren was born from their union, huge opponent of extraordinary power.

The main antagonist of the first series is Hearts. His goal is to create the universe seed in order to kill the gods and free the universes from their oppression. The purpose from the heart it is apparently logicalbut in reality its end is nothing but evil.

As per tradition for the franchise, he's also featured in Super Dragon Ball Heroes a mad scientistThe right man of Dr. W. Fu helps breathe new life into Janenmba and take over the level four Super Saiyans by converting their attacks into data.

The whole story of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is about Fu's storyline. However, in addition to being a great strategist, Fu is also a skilled adversary who can compete with the Super Saiyan God and Xeno Super Saiyan 4. And in your opinion, which of these characters deserves the debut in Dragon Ball Super? A celebratory episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes was released for the ten years of the series. We admire the final transformation of Xeno Vegetto into Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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