One of the most recent episodes reintroduced the fourth level Super Saiyan in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, an event that amazed all fans of the saga. Here are the reactions from fans of Adventures by Goku and others.

As you know, the protagonist of work is born from an idea of Akira Toriyama is busy with Vegeta in a challenge against the fearsome Janenba. In order to try to defeat their opponent, the two are forced to resort to this new transformation that was introduced during one of the final episodes of the secession and with the help of the Inhabitants of the universe 7 and other. At the end of the news, you can read some of the comments fans of the series shared on Twitter: some actually welcomed the new version of the two Saiyans, especially because of the effect of the aura surrounding the two fighters, others noticed it instead. the similarity to a Dragon Ball Z scenewhile another user didn't like the introduction of the fourth transformation.

We'll wait and see how the struggle turns out. In the meantime, we're reporting on the re-opening of Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2, while the series manga has introduced a new villain that Goku and the others will have to face.

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