On the official page of the animated light novel adaptation by Super boy, the cover and details of the compilation of the Blu-ray BOX package of the project to be released in Japan on August 25th have been released.

This pack will be released in Japan on August 25th and will include the entire series, i.e. all twelve episodes. Benefits include a special booklet with a short novel and manga, a set of limited edition stickers, a CD with songs and other audiovisual content.

On the other hand, the series aired in Japan during the Spring 2021 season (April-June) and had a total of twelve episodes while the platform Funimation takes care of sales in the west. Coking Yes Hiro they publish the light novels through the publisher's label Bunko sneakers from the publisher Kadokawa since May 2017. A manga adaptation by Kanitan is published through the magazine New comic guy since December 2017.

Super Cub Synopsis

A reluctant sophomore high school student, Koguma has nothing: she has no parents, hobbies, friends, or goals. On the way home one afternoon he visits a car dealership in the hope of buying a scooter. With just enough money to make ends meet, the price tags put her off and she prepares to return. When he tries to leave, however, the shopkeeper offers him a used Honda Super Cub for ten thousand yen. Believing the motorcycle will light up his dreary world, he accepts the deal. While Koguma travels through his city on little adventures with his Super Cub, he begins to build irreplaceable friendships and is excited about his new life.

Source: official page

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