Although he is busy serializing the manga, the author of My hero academy celebrated the release of the anime’s weekly episode by sharing two unreleased sketches. With Season 5 currently focused on the Todoroki family’s dilemmas, one of the illustrations is dedicated to Shoto and his father Endeavor.

On the occasion of the airing of episode 106, which can be seen for free on Crunchyroll, Kohei Horikoshi created a great sketch showing the Members of the Todoroki family, except two. The episode is indeed dedicated to Endeavor’s violent past and his attempt to retake his children. While the cute Fuyumi is doing everything possible to connect with her father, Natsu has built a wall on the other side. In the middle of it all, Todoroki, who doesn’t quite know how to deal with the “new” Enji Todoroki.

The sketch shows the four family members run one after the otheras if they were hunting each other to try to restore peace. Natsu and Fuyumi are at the top, followed by Enji and Shoto. The drawing shows Rei Todoroki, Endeavor’s wife, who ended up in a rehabilitation center after trauma, and Toya Todoroki, the eldest son who disappeared.

A second artwork shared by the author focuses on Ochaco Uraraka. The cute civilian Uravity invites all fans to watch the episode and recalls that episode 107 has been postponed for a week due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. What do you think of these two sketches and the bow of Endeavor?

Here is the spicy family dinner from My Hero Academia 5×17 and the final test of the three heroes in the pictures from Episode 18 of Season 5.

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