In the last few weeks it was announced that Hayao Miyazaki would take care of the next work from Studio Ghibli. In the meantime, there's a tweet here showing fans the work of World poster inspired by the protagonists of famous films.

Mondo Poster is famous for its illustrations inspired by the world of cinema and animation. Thanks to the message that you can find at the bottom of the news, we note that the staff of the Studio Ghibli They are fans of their posters. The studio's official report actually shared a message on Twitter with a photo showing a wall with two posters hung: one that was dedicated to the world of "Princess Mononoke"while the second is entitled to the feature film"My neighbor Totoro". Here is the comment on the photos:"Some news from the production office. These are two limited edition posters of the North American version of Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro that were found in Mr. Suzuki's study".

The tweet refers to Toshio Suzuki, historical producer of Studio Ghibli and one of Hayao Miyazaki's closest associates. I look forward to seeing the details of the future projects of the animation studioWith this message we would like to point out that the founder of Studio Ghibli is present on Apple Maps.

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