In addition to the realization of exciting and meaningful filmsStudio Ghibli is known among professionals for the strict distribution and copyright of its productions. However, that aspect of the company seems to have changed for good.

To a great surprise, the Japanese studio recently loosened his grip on the right of her films, first with the release of some movies on Netflix and then with the free distribution of wallpapers during the pandemic. Another step has been taken in the past few hours with the release of hundreds of high quality images of their best films.

However, the company warned: Images must be used "in the context of common sense"This state of affairs, which at first glance seems a bit strange, is nothing else than a reminder not to abuse this giveaway for advertising purposes.

Studio Ghibli released 400 images from eight of the best films50 for everyone with the promise that many more will come in the future. The images can be downloaded for free from Studio Ghibli's official website, used as a screen saver on your PC, or even printed to decorate the walls of your home. After the reopening of the Studio Ghibli Museum, here comes a new moment of joy for all fans. Plus, real Studio Ghibli enthusiasts can buy inexpensive goods.

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