Since Goku met Bulma, he has had many adventures and now strives to perfect his mastery of the martial arts. The protagonist then goes to the turtle hermit he meets in the first arc of dragon ball and after the training he is ready to participate in the 21st Tenkaichi Tournamenttold in the second saga of the manga.

there Training series alongside Krillin, another martial arts novice who relies on Master Roshi's teachings, proves both challenging and an opportunity for the two boys to forge a friendship that will last a lifetime. When they arrive in the town where the tournament was held, the two run into familiar faces Yamcha, also one of the participants, Pual, Oolong and Bulma. Roshi signs up the two students for the tournament and gives them the iconic orange uniforms with the turtle school symbol.

The competition begins and in the first few fights, Goku is doing quite well when we meet Monks of the Orin Temple, Krillin's old companions, who will easily defeat her in battle. A series of quick fights determines the passage of the protagonists and Yamcha to the quarterfinals. Also among the eight remaining fighters are Bacterian, a brute who uses bad smells to win, Nam, a skilled martial artist, Lan Fan, a girl who focuses on sensuality to defeat her opponents, Giran, a strange dinosaur opponent of Gokuand Jackie Chun, a clear reference to the Chinese actor who manages to hold his own against Yamcha.

The phase closes Goku, Krillin, Jackie Chun and Nam's passage to the semifinals. When Yamcha begins to suspect Jackie Chun, Chun manages to eliminate Krillin from the tournament thanks to the use of a Kamehameha, making Yamcha even more suspicious. The duel between Goku and Nam is won by the protagonist, who thus advances to the final against Jackie Chun.

The eldest proves incredibly skilled and the two fight and put on a great show until after dark. During the tournament Goku's tail has grown back, and because of this, upon noticing the moon in the sky, he transforms into the gigantic Oozaru who had destroyed Pilaf's castle some time ago. Jackie Chun's quickness causes him to destroy the moon with a Kamehameha, restoring Goku to normal.

Although the fight seems to end in a draw after a simultaneous attack, Jackie Chun manages to get up before Goku and thus wins the match. The saga of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament narrated from chapters 34 to 54ends with the reveal of Jackie Chun, actually Master Roshi himself, and a dinner shared by all the main characters.

Finally, we remember that a fan recreated the Tenkaichi Tournament arena with LEGO.

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