Star Wars and Studio Ghibli are giants of the cinema world. So it's exciting to know that they've teamed up for a new product: Zen - Grogu and dust bunny. For decades, the studio founded by Miyazaki, Suzuki and Takahata and George Lucas has produced timeless masterpieces. The last one will appear very soon!

The final announcement comes straight from Disney+'s Twitter. A teaser of the collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm had already been published in the past few days, leaving viewers stunned. We've been considering the possibility of Studio Ghibli contributing to Star Wars Visions Season 2 and instead the big news is one Unedited animated short film born at the hands of Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm. In fact, in the promotional image below, we see the gorgeous Miyazaki out of focus in the background, watching the Baby Yoda figure.

The short is called Zen - Grogu and dust bunny (Grugu and the Blacks of Darkness) and is therefore bound to Star Wars. The release date coincides with the third anniversary of the premiere of The Mandalorian series, from which we know Grogu. The announcement states that the short film will be available starting November 12, 2022 (US time zone).

Are you satisfied with the Disney+ news? Meanwhile we wait Zen - Grogu and dust bunny, We leave you with our review of Star Wars Vision, the first Star Wars anime.

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